Saturday, April 1, 2006

Luke 4mths (April 2006)

I think it's important to note that in his 3rd and 4th months Luke could not ride in a standard infant carseat without choking. His low tone would just 'curl' up and therefore when he cried in his carseat..we would have to stop as he would start choking/turn blue and then we had to put oxygen on him. (yes..very scary)

I found this carseat off the internet for $60 and it was a FLAT BED. It was not the safest carseat in the world, but it worked! When we had to drive to doctor's appt's....he would be just fine. It was a life saver. It's FLAT with zero raise and/or tilt.
By this time, Luke as getting to be more active with his kicking and hands.
He could smile but it was a very weak smile and lasted about 1 second...
Sleeping was still on his side and propped up as much as possible.
His hands were slowly healing as we stretched his contractures out everyday. (4x a day)

This picture is probably one of the most 'right on' pictures showing his global hypotonia. We had to learn to carry him to accommodate for his low tone. He was a very happy baby...just very low key and relaxed.

We had to hold his passy in his mouth from 0-4mths. When asleep..we would prop it.

Bathtime was great for Luke. He loved the water.
A picture of Luke sucking on his index finger. You could tell he wanted to suck on his thumb..but his contractures and low tone in his hand was limiting him.

Luke sleeping on his side.
4mth Milestones:

About the same, kicking his feet, his hands and more verbal. His babbling was very weak as was his cry. In fact, he never really had to cry..we jumped at every sound.