Sunday, June 10, 2007

We made it!

Hi Blog family, whoosy. We made it! Ok, here's the bottomline.

Departure time: 3pm Saturday
2 pitstops
Arrived in Shawnee, Kansas at 11:45pm - in room by midnight
Ks. departure: 9:00am
3 pitstops
Arrived in Rochester, MN at 4:30pm today (Sunday)

This is me earlier in the car in the pic below. Why do I look like I'm about to go crazy? Well, here's the only thing I can come up with. When we got to Iowa..we saw the welcome sign that read "Welcome to Iowa, the field of opportunities".

Ok...enough said. ALL FIELDS, ALL FLAT, NO FUN STUFF, NO FUN ANTIQUE SHOPS off the hwy..just corn field after corn field. LORDY!

An opportunity to look at fields. Thanks Iowa.
I just took these pics. The time span of Luke playing with sister Cassidy and the picture below where he fell asleep when we got to the hotel room was LITERALLY 10minutes! I was shocked. Baby tired!!
Night Cassidy....asleep!
Ok..private reality now that I'm in the hotel room and having a glass of champagne. and husband wanted to put some much needed romance in between this trip and not sure about the romance today, but hey! Jon is currently downstairs seeking out a warm meal down the street from this home cookin cafe joint. time and blogging about it!
Well, the trip honestly ya'll...was soo smooth. It's literally nothing but highway! Hwy 35 North and UP and then BAM..your here. It's amazing.

And, Jonathan and I are just giving Glory to God and your prayers because we are shocked at how good Luke did. NO CRYING EVER. Sadly, it's confirmed that he's a video junkie because he just loved his video's all the way up. It was great. He didn't want to go to sleep ever..but never cried about it. He would just sack out whenever. It was great. He's the perfect child and we were thrilled about that. and Jonathan. I wished I could tell you we had this 'grand' trip and talked about romantic stuff, laughed and enjoyed each others' company. Uugghhh, nope, didn't happen. Maybe on the way back. go on this tripo to the Mayo. (LOL)

Honestly, we were at each others' throats most of the trip. It was a bummer deal. I think it started off with me feeling like he wasn't working fast enough, had plenty of time to do stuff earlier..but didn't and then him negotiating whether we should take the stroller or not? Honestly, isn't that baby 101? I mean...I could not get past the fact the he thought the stroller had to be cut out of the list? As Priscilla Presley was quoted after being asked by Oprah Winfrey how she thought of her marriage with Michael Jackson now that she's older...she quoted "HOLY MOTHER OF GOD".

Yep..that was me. Holy mother of God. Are you serious Jonathan? You really think leaving the stroller is a good plan. It kinda went downhill from there. I was annoyed because he decided to put his headphones on and tune out to music while I was in the back with Sesame Street music and the baby. I commented on that and of course.....'that went over well'.

So, then of course, I backseat drive and I think he swerves into other lanes and I had to beg to drive today because he wanted to drive the entire way and he retorted back that I take better care of the baby. Good answer..but translation: I want to drive and listen to great music, you can get all the feeds ready, meds, change out the baby dvd's every 30minutes and attempt to get any sleep because the baby wants another toy.
Side note for P2P ladies: I really thought I was brilliant and bought those little baby ozarka waters. Note to self: 60 cc syringe does not fit therefore forced to tilt bottle ever so slightly as you are pulling water out and then spilling it everywhere. Nice.
At any rate, I did my best to make Jonathan feel guilty and he conceded. I drove about 3 hours today in bliss listening to music w/headphones and loving it while Jonathan and baby were both asleep in the back. Isn't that the timing? Why can't baby sleep when I'm back there.
Here's my point: The job of a wife and mother is very hard. I believe we do most of the work and we just have to accept it or pray about it and hopefully an act of God will happen sooner than later. Maybe I'm wrong and some wife will comment on my blog and say "well, my husband does just the 'even' amount". Ok..praise God. But, for the sake of percentage with me. Am I going crazy here?! Ok...enough said. Just wished it wasn't so hard sometimes.
Now, on the upside...we are here and the beds are comfy and we are in better spirits. Luke is fast asleep and Jonathan is back and all is well. We don't have a dvd player in the room and Jonathan's task tomorrow is to figure out the car DVD portable player to work in the hotel room. My task is the administrative part (again the hard stuff) and Jonathan and Luke will get to play in the hotel room all morning. So, in my rebellion, I will seek out the nearest Starbucks and use my gift card from "H" and get one and be very shhh about it! He,he.
Got the 9am registering to do tomorrow at the Mayo.
Dr. appt. late noon.
Blog then,
Love y'all so much,

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Marika said...

Hi Luke and family,

I hope your visit to Mayo is positive, productive, and with a good outcome. I have to say I've been there and done that, but I'm a little older than Luke. Have had CMS, or some strange form of it, for more than 50 years.

I loved the folks at Mayo--so very nice. Much, much work is being done there to learn about CMS.

Wishing you the best of luck,
Marika Bates, Chair
MG Foundation of America
MD/DC/DE Chapter