Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Luke 3mths (March 2006)

With Luke being home after 94 days in the PICU/NICU, we opted to get him a floor gym which would promote reaching. As you can see, he could lay there and hold his link-a-doos and watch TV. This was his most popular position....watching Baby Einstein while holding his toys. He really loved it.
He could take the link-a-doos and swing them back and forth. This was great to see as we knew he was promoting play with the toys.
Sleeping was a difficult task. He was not 'strong or toned' enough to keep his pacifier in his mouth. So, we had to prop it in his mouth during sleep. (trust me...we kept the pulse-ox on the entire time) Also, we had to manually roll him over during the night so he would not ache from sleeping in one position all night long. This made for many long nights as he was very accustomed to 'softly moaning' and this was our cue to roll him. (he was very smart early on!)
Luke started sucking his index finger early on. I know that in the womb he would suck his thumb as we have a sonogram proving this. However, post birth he could only get his index finger in his mouth due to his low tone of turning his hand just right.
His open mouth showed his tone during boppy time.
Luke could turn his head left and right early on. Not overly turn...but enough to see what was going on.
Easter Sunday. A special day for us as parents. He was our miracle baby and we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ with our little man.
Luke could take toys and lift them up to his mouth on the floor. This was great for him.
A picture of Luke's gtube and nissen fundo scar.

Our first portraits of Luke.

Milestones at 3mths:
  • Taking toys and chewing them
  • swinging the link-a-doos back and forth
  • babbling
  • kicking his feet
  • lifting his arms from elbow and up

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