Saturday, March 28, 2009

Luke walking part 2

Ok, so hi loved ones. Here I am again. 1 week later! LOL---however, I so wanted to leave Luke's walking up for an entire week so that anyone that might have missed it wouldn't have a chance! I wanted everyone to see it.

Luke is a little walking maniac. It's a blast. He's really going fast. Lulu is here staying with us for a few days and she was really impressed today. She says "he is RUNNNING". Just like Forest gump would say. LOL. video power blogging here. See below. Love you! A

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok, sit down...Luke is walking!

Dearest loved ones,
There will never be enough words to type the following news. It's so huge for us blog family that I literally cannot even remotely begin to write the words. Our baby is walking. Something that we've prayed for, begged for, hoped for, dreamed for, pondered for, worried for, scared for, doubted for, ---on and on. He's walking. Yes, it's true.
Luke is officially walking upright with his walker!

He's had this walker for a few weeks. I've tried and tried to get him to start walking with it. Finally today, he got right up and asked me to pull him to a stand in front of it and he took off. Luke became very GUMP LIKE. I was shocked and thrilled.

I call this picture below: "GUMP". LOL! He did not want to stop walking! ask my neighbor! A total nightmare going home!!
Also, every neighbor kid within our block ran down to us and would scream to their mom's "Luke is walking Luke is walking!". Darci's son ran in the house to tell her and Darci ran out. Just like on Forest Gump when everyone starting running behind Gump! LOL!!

Every step he takes..............literally TAKES..TAKES, TAKES my breath away.

Video below: I've watched it 10x already!

Loved ones, my eyes are full of tears. I am weepy, overjoyed, proud, crazy and passionately overwhelmed with emotion in reference to our big boy. I just want to say, "Thank you Lord". Thank you.
I love you all...A
SO MUCH MORE TO COME! I promise! Love you again, A

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A lot and video

Oh family. So much going on. Hence, my title above. When it drenches around here. Like..soggy wet people.

What a day.'s 10:30pm and not over. Hannah is WIDE AWAKE! Like....whiny awake. It's maddening. Luke is finally out and I have to wake him up in 1 hour for his zopanex breathing treatment.

Last night was scary for me/jon. Luke woke up coughing like crazy...couldn't catch his breath and for the 1st time since the Mayo Clinic we had to suction Luke. 3x last night to be exact. The night before I had to get Lulu to assist me with suctioning and I felt horrible asking her to help. She was dead asleep on pain meds and I was freaked that Luke started doing this. Jon is finally back in town from business and he came back to the cry/sick house.

Long story very short, Luke has hand/foot mouth gunk. The Dr. said he's got blisters on his throat and we have to monitor him very close. His coughing fits freak me out. Literally.....freak me out.

So, it's late and I've got to work tomorrow. My first Denise job of the year and I cannot miss it. I'm just so dismayed by Luke going to school. He loves it, we love it and yet...3rd time he's been sick since Jan. 6th. That's a lot. And..every time so far Hannah gets it.'s radical. She kicks sickness so fast. I think I'm really getting a good reality of Luke's stuff taking forever to heal versus Hannah. I didn't realize it until Hannah Bean.

This said, I'm so bummed by this.

On the Lulu front, she went home early am. She was glad. I'm sure of it. I really think she was not happy to be here. The minute I got her back here and comfortable..I was heading to the Dr. for Luke and it's been non-stop damage control on the kids ever since. I've had zero time to take care of her and I feel horrible about that.

Overall, I'm thinking she didn't have a great time as her last blog entry stating she was home did not include any updates about her stay at my house. Ummm, ok? Oh....and we had a little screaming match back and forth during one of Luke's suction episodes. She told me to calm down and I told her to be quiet and not tell me to calm down.

A drugged up post op patient telling me with post traumatic suction syndrome to calm down. Not a good mix., that's the skinny. Or Fatty. Whichever you prefer. I feel seriously fat these days. Gotta lose this weight. ugh.

Just pray for Luke and Hannah blog family. A small prayer will do. I just want my bambino's to be healthy. of Lukester below getting his breathing treatment. He's so good! He says "all dun"..."all dun" when he's wanting it to stop. It's so sweet and heart wrenching at the same time. Our little mister.

I call this video: "Breathing Treatment by Penguin"

p.s. left your pillow and crocks.

Love you, A

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More Luke talk and Hannah

Hi, good morning. Happy Tuesday. Well, it's early. I'm up. Trying to figure out what I'm going to blog today. I saw this picture of Hannah and cracked up. This was a full on body shot of her 3mth photo shoot that didn't make the editing cut. However, I love it.
Isn't she just heavenly to stare at. She's pristine. Perfect. Amazing. Can you tell we are in love. Desperate again for yet another child. (what is God doing to us with these little gifts He sends us...I swear they break your heart up in so many pieces that you can't recover. It's sublime.)

I call this photo:
"Flat on back"

Also..again, Luker talking below. He's my little talking bunny these days and it's so sweet. I love his voice. His little "no" and how I will start cutting his nails (which he hates) and then he'll say in his sweet little voice after 1 finger.."all done, all done". LOL. He's really trying so hard to communicate instead of screaming out of frustration. I can so see how my little man was frustrated because he couldn't talk. My sweet boy. I love him so such.

Oh...Not to worry...I have 2 little talkers! Hannah is coming as well. She's on her coo'ing kick and I finally got some video of it. Every time I try to video her she'll stop immediately when she sees the video device! It's cute. She's so attentive and smart y'all. It's amazing. She's super alert and strong, strong! Her 3mth well appt. went great. She's 12.4 lbs and right on target. My pediatrician said again that her tone is above average for a DS kid. She's doing wonderfully. Sigh of relief there. I want her to be healthy!! So..thank you Jesus.

Ok..I love you blog family. I love, love, love, love, love you. Big hugs, A

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Animal talk ready? Here goes: He says BYE in the end...don't miss it. We are thrilled blog family. Luke is cracking us up! I never thought I would get so excited on what a duck says. It's so fun!

I call this video: "GOOD BOYEEE".'s key you say this with a huge Texas accent.