Friday, September 1, 2006

9th-10th mths (Sept./Oct)

The next 2 months were really exciting for us as Luke really started to 'get it' and he was starting meet some physical milestones. Yes, he showed symptoms of fatigue and it was combined with frustration. It perplexed us. We could see he wanted to do things physically---but could not and would scream out. This is when we really communicated to Dr. Susan I. that we were 'concerned'.

Luke could lean up against the chair and had a hard time balancing himself.
He started to keep his paci in his mouth somewhat. It would still fall out..but he would start to hold it with his hand.

This was huge for us. Luke would turn the pages after we read them to him. He really understood the concept of books early, early on. (this was so exciting for us as we loved books ourselves!)
Dad rigged up Luke's red flyer wagon and off they went. My husband has not one time ever treated Luke special needs and has paraded him around the neighborhood with great pride.
Luke could reach but could not hold his arms out longer than 1/2 a second. (literally)
We were instructed that with low tone children you have to be very careful and get the most supported carseats. Insurance paid for this as we needed a very sturdy/padded one. It's called the Britax Marathon.
His smile was getting bigger!
He was starting to show strength in his head control when leaning up against my husband.
As you can see...his head control getting better.
Then...his 10th mth...he started to balance his head up. (he could keep it for a little while..but indeed progress)