Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Adult CMS friend found us!

Hey blog family, meet Adam! He found my blog and so graciously emailed us. I was thrilled that we've connected as I love, love seeing adult CMS people do so well. Of course, his story is beyond powerful. It's hard to read stories like his and not believe that we all have a great purpose on this earth. I was in awe reading his trials, his parents trials and his will to live. Or should I say..God's will to bring him this far.

Thanks Adam for creating your blog and telling us your powerful story. May many be so very blessed by reading your blog.

Here's his blog: Adam's blog

This picture below amazes me. Adam is on the right in orange shorts. See how he's barely standing up and hanging onto his siblings. This reminds me so much of Luke right now. The way he's leaning over and all. It's unbelievable to me.
Thanks so much Adam. I'll be checking your blog often!!

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