Thursday, June 1, 2006

6 mth pics (June 2006)

The 6mth mark was quite fun. Luke would prop his feet on top of each other and that was cute. He was starting to get a little personality with his disposition physically and emotionally.

He also started sticking his tongue out. Not much...but we could see him moving his tongue more so than before.

Again, open smiles...
He still had to be positioned correctly before holding him. This is his Aunt Kim.

This is his favorite Nurse that we saw at the NICU reunion. As you can see, he had to be propped up on your shoulder as he could not hold his head up.
Ok, this was huge for us. We could balance him on the back of the couch and he would stay there until he lost balance. Of course, if he slid over he would dive in the couch and not be able to get himself up. (you had to watch him very carefully when doing this as it was not real safe)
For some parents, this might be scary. But, we could vacuum the house and he would be just at that exact spot when we got back. Luke could not roll.
p.s. Not that I ever left my child while vacuuming! I just wanted to give you a good analogy.

6mth milestones as per above...