Friday, December 11, 2009

A moderate trim

Haircut for Luke...cute little bangs for Hannah bow. It was Hannah's first haircut and Luke's first Toys R Us salon haircut.

Ericka went with me. It's all her fault they got their haircuts. :) LOL! (inside joke with Aunt Lisa...and yes Lisa, I affirm Ericka..I lie) Love you.

I call this picture of Luke: Bobblehead.

I call this picture of Hannah: Baby girl got bangs

Words cannot express!

Both Jonathan and I have cried this week. Words will never,ever express the gratitude we have for God and the blessing this child has been to us. We are in tears about it and can't thank everyone enough for praying for our Luke. God is every way. We love you Lord. We love you our sweet Luke. We are crazy and desperate in love with you sweetheart. Love, Mom and Dad

I call this video "WALKING".