Saturday, March 29, 2008

These things are lethal!

Hey everyone,

Who needs a security system when you have small hard plastic dinosaurs on the floor to stop a 300lb intruder in their tracks right at the door!!

This freaking miniature dino/creature/animal almost about killed me one day last week. And yes, I was barefoot!

My friend Krista and I had this conversation a few months ago and discussed that all the small toy cars on the floor could stop anyone in their house from walking forward. So funny!

Luke's newest thing. Small hard plastic figurines. Preferably extinct animals. I didn't take a picture of the long necked dinosaurs! They were all over the place.

He had to hold his Tiger pre and post surgery. Now, he wants to go to bed with one. These little things are lethal..I'm telling you.

Ok..had to share. Happy Sat!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Luke's Hernia surgery went great

Hey everyone,
Luke did great. We are home and he is slowly falling asleep as I type. I'm about to go in there and attempt to take a nap myself.
The hospital was so kind and gracious. Dr. "H" did everything we wanted and they allowed us to do more than we asked. We were impressed and relieved.
Luke had hernia surgery on both sides and he's got 2 little slits right above his boo boo's.
We are staying on top of the pain meds as we don't want him to feel any pain the next 2 days.
I'm off to bed. Love you.......and for those special notes and prayers....we need them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Luke's 1st family reunion

Hi blog fam,....we went to the Hughes family reunion today. Well, I call it reunion but they actually do this every year. It was quite fun. (I was surprised!) We've missed the last 2 years because of Lukester's medical issues, but this year..whooohooo Luke is doing great. (btgog)

So...we went. It reminded me of the Lake Texoma days at the Lake when I was a kid. We would go there every 4th of July (that was our family tradition). So, I was appointed the photoggy and I offered to take a full family picture. Everyone was thrilled. You'll notice I'm not in it. (the downside to photography)

The Texas location was somewhere past Valley View, Texas off Lake Ray Roberts. Translation: In the sticks.

The fun part was they fry up croppy and catfish every year. Affectionately called "A fish fry".

They also had an Easter egg hunt and Jonathan and Grandma Betty took Luke to find the goodies. Luke's eggs had a ball, a plastic dinosaur and a penny in it. So fun.

The below picture is Luke's granddad and great granddaddy. *yes, I'm kicking myself for not getting that 4th generational picture. Don't get me started on this. I'm wanted to cry when I remembered halfway down the road after leaving.

In sum, it was fun. Luke did great right up until the very last 30 minutes and then he just had a meltdown. He gets that way when he's over stemmed. So, we departed quickly and he cried for about 10minutes in the car. Poor pumpkin. He just can't handle all those people all at once. (note to Luke from mommy: it's ok baby, momma/daddy understand and we will always support you when you feel overwhelmed) Takes a lot for a child to be isolated and then bam....dropped into a huge crowd., here you go. Enjoy
Big hugs and Happy Easter......A

Happy Easter lolli pop kid

Hi..Luke above. The sun was a killer. Note to self: Don't wait till 10am to shoot. Oh well. We got some cute ones. Did the photoshoot today with Lulu. There are some really great ones. I'll post on a slideshow soon. This just happens to be a few that he's smiling! Of course, we set this great composition up and he decides to make that open mouth face. Yep. My baby frustrates me.
At any rate, stay tuned..more to come.

Love you,


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The bluest eyes in Texas....

Many of you have emailed about my photography. I am a photographer and love taking pics of Luke. (as you can only imagine)

Here's a glimpse. You'll see Luke splashed all over my website, Click here: Andrea's website

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Luke and Kate

My friend Lori has a daughter named Kate. They live in our neighborhood. Luke has a crush on Kate. They stare at each other and Kate smiles...Luke looks away. A man in progress.

Of course, we will teach Luke to be a gentleman and bring her flowers from our garden someday.

We have our weekly walks and this is Luke staring at Kate above. So funny. I think they both have beautiful blue eyes. They'd make pretty babies. EEEHK! Did I say that? Crazy. No way. He's not allowed until age 30. No way Jose!

Happy weekend loved ones. This weekend is "BORING". A good thing.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Surgery date is set


It's me. Kinda gotten out of my funky dunky. My post title is in honor of Ericka. We have this 'thing'. We have started this "I'm going to Chicky feelayhaydaymaydoreeay". Not sure where this has evolved but the word is getting longer as the days go past. Cracks me up.

And then...there's Lisa.

We danced in this hair supply store together at the front counter. We had a moment. The music was playing and it just happened..we started rocking out. The clerk looked up and Lisa stopped dancing. I didn't. And Lisa says "your supposed to stop dancing when people stare". And the young clerk says with her back turned to us "Not everyone has to stop". Totally craked me up.

Lisa did my hair today. I love it. I'm ready for Spring. Or at least my hair is. :)

1) UPDATE on Luke's BOO BOO's:
His surgery is scheduled for March 26th. It's been knocked around a few times but I'm hoping this will stick. More to come on that front.

Everyone has sent emails inquiring about Luke and I wanted to blog it. How is everyone? you doing ok? Blogging can be lonely at times. You blog and then you get your few comments and then you think...who am I blogging for? oh..that's right: ME, my family and then Luke someday.

I feel so privileged by anyone else that reads about our seriously dysfunctional life.

I love you bloggies.

I so do. Even if you don't stalk me. I just love blogging. Such a release of emotional pent up energy.

Have a good night....,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A foot and a bed's me.

Been kinda depressed today. Nothing major...just something came over me after a few conversations I've had today with a few people. And some conversations I haven't had with a few people that ale me. Life. Just stuff and life.

Ok, the bed. Luke got his bed. I love it. It's been a breath of fresh air to put him in and walk away. Before, he was on the twin mattress on the floor and nighttime and naptime have been a huge nightmare. In fact, I was really dreading it every day. Now....we are back to Luke being normal and he loves it. He had too much freedom on the floor and would think it was playtime constantly. Now....he's like every other tot that has bars on his bed. lol. Confined and happy.

Ok....the bottom picture is a foot that was seriously happy in the mud today. More pics to come on my blog that are precious of the mud time this afternoon. That cheered me up.

Hugs loved ones,

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Break Dancin Pedro

Hi, when I don't have nursing and I'm stuck at home...this is what we do. Luke break dances for me to Spanish Music.

He's extremely flexible and like I've said before...very athletic. he,he,he.....

You must be patient and watch this video until he starts slamming the toy to keep going. So funny.

Oh. P.s. I totally recognize the "Git it mister" is so hick and very HICK! Don't be hate'in Northerns. You can take the girl out of the trailer park....but you cannot take the trailer park out of the girl! lol

Friday, March 7, 2008

Fake cough and snow update

Ok bloggies, You have to watch the beginning of this video below.
Luke's new thing is fake coughing to get attention. It's absolutely hysterical to me and Jonathan and it's proven once again that we are just born to iniquity. Meaning, we are 'bent' by nature.
I guess that's one more thing I'm going to have to beat out of him. Kidding. I don't beat my child. Although yesterday he would have said I did. He's SOOOO TWO!!
Snow fun! pics. The middle picture is OUR BACK FENCE LINE. It was gorgeous.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hi, it's me

Baby butt baby.
Ok, I know people. It's so bad. I can't help myself and to some women this may seem like just another day. But, I really need a 10pt curve here. I've never seen Luke stand up at the bathtub ready to get in until last week! It's so freaking cute. My dream of baby boots in a diaper is so coming!! I can't wait., don't be judge'in. It's totally isolated.
Love you----A
Oh..p.s. It snowed in Texas today. Not impressed. lol :)