Saturday, July 1, 2006

7mths-8mths July/Aug

Luke could cry but it's so key to note that we could not live without the suction pump. He would choke on his own secretions and therefore we were always on high alert.
This picture shows how Luke would turn his eyes to see me but struggled to get his head to turn.
We could set him up against pillows and he would balance himself. He could not move from this spot...but at least he was upright versus on the floor all the time.
This stroller was before we got the special needs stroller. I searched everywhere on the Internet for a carriage stroller that could lay back. I found one! It was only $81.00 and worth every penny. I had to see his face while walking as I never knew when he would start choking.
ECI gave us this special chair to position him and it was such a relief. With Luke, we didn't want all his secretions to settle in his chest..therefore, we were adamant about getting him upright most of the day.
My big smile. This is Luke smiling really big.
Our little man did not go one day without us thanking God for him! He is truly perfect to us.
Daddy and baby----a very loved little boy.

This picture really shows the low tone in his face.
Luke had to lay on my husband's shoulder to get his haircut. He could not quite hold his neck up and therefore this was the best we could do.
Luke would choke if transported in a standard carseat. Therefore, again...I had to buy a flatbed carseat so that his airway was more aligned and not so 'scrunched up'. And yes, he rode in front with me because I had to see his face. (dangerous....but we had no choice)

The 7th and 8th mths were the same mobility wise. His intellect was soaring as we could really see that. But his physical milestones were starting to show radical delays.

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