Monday, November 15, 2010

Luke's birthday week!!

Forgive me bloggers! I've been really bad about updating!!

This week is Luke's birthday week! He turns 5 years old. We are so excited and thankful for our little man!!

For the moms/dads that have found this blog and have children with CMS...please message me...I would love to add your picture on our blog!

Much love and be back soon! MOM

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Met another CMG friend!!

Her name is Lauren!

She's a true delight!!! Thanks Lauren for emailing!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my momma+my mimi+my momma colleen+my MIL Lisa+my MIL Betty:

I love you!!! I pray all my sweet friends and blog friends have a fantastic Mother's day.

Below are our sweet babes that bless us abundantly!!

It takes a Village

My house is Grand Central Station. Seriously. I'm not kidding. When I tell you that my neighbors think we are having a party everyday because of the cars outside, I'm so not kidding.

It's insane.

So, Lisa Allen took this picture because we were putting on Luke's shoes.

It seriously takes a Village with my kids. A HUGE VILLAGE.

The picture below is called "Hannah's back". (lol) Ok, made me laugh. Just thought I'd throw you for a picture title curve ball. :) LOL again!

Blast from the past

Well hi happy blog family! It's blast from the past Friday again! This time: LUKESTER!

As you can see here at around 15mths old Luke was given this chair from ECI (Early childhood intervention) and what a little miracle this chair became in our home. It was a life saver for us as Luke had no muscle tone and could not sit up on his own.

So...guess what! Our ECI therapist brings in the same chair for HANNAH!! We laughed out loud because it brought back so many memories of Luke in it.

One day, as you can see below, Luke decided to sit in his "Childhood infant" chair. It was so funny to see his legs cascade over to the floor. Wow...our big boy is growing up so fast!

So...enjoy the blast from the past pics below. Note: BONUS OF HANNAH BELOW.

I call these pictures "Blue Chair".


BONUS! Hannah bow in the same seat now!

Have a great weekend blog family! Love you! A

My new thing

Today my primary nurse (day shift) Candi said that Luke was being a little toot with his work today at school. After a mini tantrum she was trying to discipline him accordingly and then he screamed at her across the room "Candi, bananas PLEASE!". Of course, she laughed and surrendered.
Many times Candi will text me pictures of Luke sliding down the slide at school. A sneak peek just for momma.
Then, when Luke is tired he will bypass me and snuggle with Candi. A refreshing relief since it's day time and momma has to work.
So, I'm blogging this post for Candi to say "I'm thankful for you Candi".
Thank you for loving my baby boy. And, thank you for loving my baby girl.
I feel blessed you have come into our home.
Big hugs--A

My new thing

Hi, it's me Luke.

Daddy gives me a bath.

Mommy freaks out on daddy because daddy will work on his computer around the corner.

Daddy says "I'm right here".

Mommy says "Kids can drown in 3 minutes and in 2 inches of water, I don't care...get in there".

Daddy and mommy get loud and scream at each other. (yes, we admit it)

So, last week, daddy gave me a bath.

Daddy freaks out when I walk in his office naked and dripping wet. I don't need help anymore. I just get out when I'm ready.

Mommy freaks out again. It's just my new thing.
Mommy calls this picture "bath legs".

The parting of the sea

I love the old testament. It's my truest love. I reflect back on it so much because it awes me. If that's even a word. "awes". Whatever the case, I'm inspired and moved by God's great word and His greatness in this historical event.

Can you only imagine? Blows my mind.

That said, it was a must for me this past weekend when all alone on Sunday. I had to put a "part" in between my kids because Hannah loves to pull Luke's hair and the drama can be too much when alone with no help!

So, I broke down the gate near the kitchen and drug it in the living room. I was done. At some point, I had to go to the bathroom and eat!!

So...behold, the parting of the living room! LOL!

Personal note: God is in all and over all. May I teach my kids accordingly and with great grace and love. God, I so pray this. I want them to know Him.

Exodus 14:21-23
21 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and all that night the LORD drove the sea back with a strong east wind and turned it into dry land. The waters were divided, 22 and the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left.

School field trip

Well, we did it. I did the parent field trip thingy and Luke did the ZOO.

Both equally a huge accomplishment. I child is SOO ME!

So, Luke did great. He had a huge sensory meltdown for the first 45 minutes. But, by God's grace, we managed thru it and thank GOD for my nurse CANDI! She's so intuitive and was so great during the whole process of him freaking out. I really needed this co-support for sure.

He finally got it together and then we browsed the zoo. It was so adorable to watch Luke so curious.

I, in all my cuteness as you can see below was really not into the whole parent chaperon thing so I opted to just take care of Luke. A parent tag along I guess you would say! LOL. I really wanted to focus on Luke. Which was seriously necessary since our last zoo visit was nothing short of a nightmare tagged with a crying fit all the way home.

So here goes! I call these pictures with the exception of a few that needed it's own title..."YAY! WE DID IT".

Place: Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville, Texas
LUKE RODE THE BUS on the way there! He loves the bus!

His teacher Ms. Bird is waving at me above the giraffes! So funny!

The monkey's were seriously a 'pack' and it was funny to see them face me all at once! LOL
Above is Luke's Teacher Ms. Bird . We love her! Curly blonde smile lady here. Love her! Can you spot Luke?
Seriously...the picture above is my favorite picture. I call this picture "My Big boy".

The above picture in all its sweetness with my called "Fat arms".
Ok, hope you enjoyed! that was our Tuesday! love you! Andrea

Purple dino

Well, Luke's first official neb treatment SOLO. For the last 4.5 years he refused to let us mask him during his neb treatments. So, we've been holding it in front of him and needless to say it's been seriously time consuming.

So, one night I was exhausted. I thought, Ok..I'm going to try it. I said "Luke,'s a purple dinosaur". He laughed and said "purple dinosaur". I said, yes! Purple dinosaur. At that point, I strapped it on and he loved it. He laughed and allowed it on the entire time.

So...guess what! He's officially big boy with his nebs now. The nurse loves it as well!

So, I call these pictures "Purple Dino".

Note: I thought not including my voice during this video below would be more fun to watch Luke. But, after replaying the video with no vocals and just quietness...I realized immediately that I actually entertain myself more than I thought. This video is boring with no vocals from momma. So, enjoy the no vocal video. I most likely will not do that again as having no vocal drama is just not my style. :)

Blast from the past

The following picture was taken in Sept. 2007

I called this picture "Tubby time".

Now, this is taken current. april 2010.

I call these pictures "Tubby time take 2".

UPDATE ON HANNAH: Feeling so much better!! She's doing great. She's even starting to crawl today! whooohoo! Thank you so much for praying!

Monkey house

Over the last few days, Luke has been taking his monkey and stair stepping him up this tree you see below in our garden. So, I casually texted Jonathan on the front porch and wrote:

"Puppers wants a monkey house in the tree."

So, a few seconds later Jonathan texted back.

"Daddy will take care of".
Then, one day later...this is what Jonathan created FROM SCRATCH. No kidding. He used all the sticks, leaves, etc...from our yard/backyard. The only thing from the inside that Jon used of course was his infamous fix all...super glue. you go. Behold..."Monkey house in a tree".
Please note: (insert, I erased this part and if you missed it..sorry!!) Hugs..yours truly...the faithful blogger Andrea
P.S.S. Luke loves it. Of course, I take full credit for the idea. :)

I call these pictures "Monkey House".

Luke, my sweet baby boy. I love him!

Can you see the 'dang monkey'? He's under the roof getting cool. :)

Luke also likes to give Monkey a bath. This is our afternoon ritual as well.

Luke watching daddy build the monkey house!

This last picture is me testing my camera out. It's jumpy on me right now. Sending it in.
Hugs, love you, A

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our big boy is officially walkerless!! wow!!

I can't even write. That's how much emotion this gives me. I can't even come up with the words. I'm overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you Lord for today. Love you, A

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paper shredder party

This is what happens when you rock sister to sleep and then blog...

Total time under no parental supervision: 14 minutes...give or take a minute or two.

I call these pictures: "spank the butt".

**we keep our paper shredder by our large trash can in the laundry room area. You can see where Luke snuck off and did this without me knowing. And, he was as quiet as a MOUSE. I'm not kidding!! The kid knew he had to be super duper quiet.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Easter upcoming!'s my big easter bunny. He's doing so much better. I can't thank you enough for praying!
We love him so much and when he's sick..we all suffer. Love you.

And..great news! Mimi is out of the hospital. She's very weak. So please keep praying.
I call this picture: "Waiting on the camera click". (a long story...but everyone in the house will understand)
More later!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My little walking and fake falling boy!

Some of you might remember Luke 'fake coughing' a few years back. Well, this child is seriously starting to develop the cutest and most theatrical personality. It's so adorable and funny!

I love it blog family. I want my child to LAUGH a lot. Just like his momma and daddy. We are a family that loves to laugh.

Hugs and enjoy.

I call this video "fake falling".

Monday, January 11, 2010

Merry Christmas blog family! 2010

Jonathan, Andrea, Luke 4yrs and Hannah 1 yr!