Monday, May 1, 2006

Luke 5mth pics (May 2006)

At 5mths he was getting to be more playful with the toys and coo'ing at the TV video's. He would start to laugh at a very weak level...but you could indeed tell he was laughing.

We put mirrors and tons of toys around him to promote positive stimulation.

This is a smile!
Luke would cry as well. I was impressed by his facial expressions even with his low tone.
We were working on tummy time and he did not like being on his belly. You could really tell he wanted to 'raise his head' up but could not.
At this point, a mother's intuition kicked in and I knew with all my heart that my child did not have neurological problems. I knew it was muscular and the only way to describe how I felt was massive frustration for my child. I knew he was 'in there' but could not lift or raise when he wanted too. It was so perplexing and yet I had hope/faith that someday....

Luke getting upset and frustrated here.
I wanted to point out his birthmark on his right leg. (see it?) It's a very coffe latte color and I think it's important to note as I read that could be a sign of a neuromuscular disease in my 'first year baby' book. (I never repeated this to a made me nervous)

This is how I had to hold Luke. More like a football grip and I actually got quite good at carrying him around the house with his low tone.
Family picture on Daddy's birthday
Floor time--he could semi-roll to the left and right but not very strong. He could turn his head left and right very well.
First tooth
Playing with toys and chewing them.

5mth milestones:
Same....more like teething, rolling to the left/right and overrall cognitive development was starting to show.

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