Saturday, May 31, 2008

First plane ride for default! lol

Hey Blog family! We went on vacation this past week.

Yes, the AMISH countryside. Why did we go there? We visited Krista Kay. My very first friend that I ever had at 2-3 years old! We've been friends for a long, long time. She actually has a blog as well and recapped our trip. If you want to read her here: Krista's Blog.

To sum it up...our trip was miserable driving there. Literally. We gave this trip ZERO thought and should have!! I'm pregnant and Luke is 2.5yrs old. Yep...sums it up. So, after getting there and finally settling in....Jonathan/I decided for me and Luke to FLY BACK. Seriously! Like...on a plane. We were both really nervous for Luke to fly and we called the Pediatrician to confirm if she thought he'd be ok. When she asked me 'why are you flying back?'. I responded.."to preserve our marriage and sanity". Enough said!!

Luke did amazing on the plane. I was so thrilled. Our little man can fly! whoohooo. Jonathan drove in the day before and got home the same time we landed in Dallas. It was perfect timing and we were all happy.

So, recap of the trip: After the drive up to Ohio....the trip turned out amazing. I got to see Krista and the kids/family and that was so fun. The kids were sooo, sooo, sooo good with Luke. have done a great job raising those kids girl! They are so polite and compassionate. It was very touching. Krista's house is gorgeous. I was envious as we could never find that land for a house here in Texas. It was the most gorgeous house and property I've seen in a long time. Wished we lived there!

Overall, we had a great time and loved the Amish country. Blog family....that was an experience. The Omish people are like watching the 1900's in live action. Seriously. They wear these dresses with bonnets, men with beards, horse and buggies....etc. Crazy strange to us civilians that live totally in the 'now' and 'present' technology. The Amish do not like pictures taken of them so I was forced to sneak a few from afar in. You'll see 2 little Amish girls below strapping up their horse/buggy. Also, I took one from the car you'll see below as well.

I loved Berlin, Ohio. It was the most charming little town and so pretty. We got to eat fresh fruit that was to die for, homemade Amish cheese, jams, country bisquits, etc. It was so fun to eat such fresh food. Jonathan was in heaven as he found an Amish Beekeeper and went to his Amish farm to buy some bee equipment. It was so neat he went out there 2x. I loved it. Also, Krista took me to a real live Amish farm where an Amish lady named "Kate" had a beautiful green house with fresh flowers and plants that she sells. These Amish have a million children! They were scattered all over their farm property and at some point we saw an Amish boy asleep in the grass at the farm entrance! I was freaking out! So fun.

So...that was the trip. It was so fun and I was thrilled to spend some mommy/kiddo time with Krista. Things sure have changed in our friendship! We've gone from country bars to late night Whataburger breakfasts, to raising kids and in bed by 10pm. LOL.

Ok blog family. I'm so sorry to cut this short. My blog time has been limited with me working so hard. I'll try to blog way more this week.

Much love and so glad to be back.

P.S. I have gifts from the Amish country for my BLOG SITTERS! I hope they love it as much as I do.

Big hugs!!

Fun pics below! Our one and only family vacation picture!

Amish kiddo's with horse/buggy
Jonathan/Luke at Charm Village
Krista Kay
Amish driver in front of our car!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Another CMS friend found us!! Wichita Falls, Texas

Hey blog fam,

Here is their new blog: Kyla's blog

Guess what?!! I was emailed a few days ago by a MOM from Wichita, Texas that has a little girl named Kyla that is 6 years old. She was diagnosed with the EXACT GENE MUTATION as Luke. (the Rapsyn gene)

That makes 2 kiddo's that have the exact mutation. Kyla from Texas and Nathan from France! Wowsie!
I talked to Kyla's mom and her name is Sabrina. She is 30 years old and the really amazing story is that THEY HAVE A 2nd CHILD!! AND.......their 2nd child does not have CMS! I was amazed to hear this.

With this said, we are excited that we live so close! Well, close enough to drive that is. We'll have to fly to France to see little Nathan when Luke gets older!
Ok blog, community. That's my heart for my Lukester.
Big hugs!

Picture below of Kyla! She's so cute! And the one below that is mom and her 2 girls! How fun!
Younger picture of Kyla below and older picture with mom.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Momma's day

Hi, I was going to give you all a glimpse of my baby bump in live color action. However, I'm so huge...I opted for my baby shadow. Enjoy-----oh, video below of Luke's gift to me. Hugs,
love, fatty

Happy Momma's Day blog mom's! Love you much-----A

Below was my fun!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Glory to God

Hey everyone, here is Luke throwing basketball hoops. He's hoop'in. Dunk'in it. Throwing it down!

This video is for LULU as it has a ton of meaning. Luke was born with contractures on his hands and the doctors were telling us he had this 'other' diagnosis when we were at Children's that would cause his hands to be contractured for life.

I remember stretching his little fingers every day in the NICU (as the therapists taught me too) and I was praying as I was stretching that little Luke's hands would be healed. During prayer time one night on the way home from the NICU, God said to me "not only will Luke's hands be healed..but he will play basketball and I visioned a basketball in his hands wrapped around it...all healed". I freaked out as I really felt the Lord tell me this.

I went home...told my few select friends, Jonathan and mom.

Last year, mom bought Luke a shirt that had a basketball on it and it said "Glory to God". She said "Aner, our baby's hands are healed and I believe".

Here you go Lulu. Jesus healed my baby's hands. Oh, and the really cool thing is...Luke loves to watch the neighborhood kids play basketball across the street. Hmm, only the Lord people! Huge hugs blog family, I love you,

To God be the Glory....

P.S. I know, I know! It's isolated. No pants on Luke. I need help on this. Don't be hate'in!