Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Well...we did it! Another Halloween full of decor and more decor!

Ok..As you can see, our little Hannah was a fairy princess and Luke (our wonderful CMS CHILD) was a HOBO. Chandler and Delilah (our grandkids) were a pirate princess and a fireman! So cute!!

I cooked over the top Chili (I put italian sausage in it and that's the secret ingredient!)and everyone loved it.

I just felt a great sense of family and love on Saturday! What a blast!

Pictures below! Enjoy. P.S. Lisa decided to put on Hannah's Tutu on her head! LOL! I call that picture: freak! LOL!

Happy Halloween !! Enjoy!
Our little Hobo....Isn't this Adorable! child is smart and wonderful. He's living out a productive CMS LIFE. This is LUKE BELOW! he knows his alphabet and numbers!! He's amazing!!

I love this picture below!!
Baby girl....yes, I know..over the top adorable!

Attempt to take a family picture inside....yes, here we are!

Our fun house!! Jon did a great job!

Lisa! Freak!!

Delilah and Chandler (our grandkiddies) Over the top cute!

Daddy and Hannah

A classic picture! From left to right..youngest to oldest!
I look amazing below. LOL! My fav. pic to date!

Lexie/Jonathan and the kids. (for those whom don't know...Jonathan is my husband's oldest Son) This is Lexie (his nannie) and the kids!