Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Pregnancy facts pre-Luke

I get asked all the time about my pregnancy with Luke. So, I wanted to recap my pregnancy.

Here is the summary:
  • I failed my first glucose test at 23 weeks. I had to take a 4 hour test from that point and I marginally passed. I've been told that I would have been treated by most OBGYN's had they seen my glucose score.

  • I also had horrific heartburn. I'm talking...seriously bad. I begged my OB to give me meds as I was taking 1 bottle of Tums per week. (not kidding) She would deny me medicine and again..looking back, many would have treated me. (I'll explain more later about my past OB)

  • I was always thirsty. I'm talking seriously thirsty. I would drink 'a river' everyday. I had to go to the bathroom up to 30x a day. If not more. Nighttime was a nightmare. I got zero sleep as the heartburn combined with frequent urination was killing me. I was utterly miserable during my pregnancy.

  • YES! YES! YES! I felt Luke move in the womb constantly. I get asked this question all the time. He was a kicker! He kicked me constantly and the only thing I can remember about decreased movement was more in the last 3 weeks. He was so large and my womb was only so big. He literally was 'stuffed' in my womb towards the end. HENCE, the positional contractures. ****Interestingly enough, our Mayo Neurologist asked if Luke could always kick his legs post birth. YES! He's always been able to kick his legs. (so, we are thinking his legs were the kicking I felt instead of arms? We just have no clue?)

  • I had 1 sonogram at 17 weeks and 1 sonogram at 23 weeks. The sonogram at 23 weeks was because I kept feeling a tightness in my chest and it was very scary. All turned out 'normal' and nothing was flagged.

  • Thanksgiving was rounding the corner and Luke was originally due on Dec. 7th. I was so miserable that my OB said we would induce on Nov. 21st. My current OB told me that she never would have induced Luke at 37.5 weeks gestation as little boys need more lung growing time. She was right! Luke had to be intubated immediately. (*being an IDM child did not help)

  • My OB induced me as scheduled on Nov. 21st and and Luke was born at 7pm (ish) that night via C-section. He was immediately intubated.

The remainder of Luke's story is on the link called: Luke's birth story

Here are the pictures of me right before delivery--as you can see..I was huge and Luke was turning my stomach sideways.

It's important to note that my OBGYN during Luke's delivery 'fled the scene'. She never checked on me when Luke went into the NICU but 1 time and that was within 12 hours of his birth. I went back 2x for follow c-section questions and concerns and she was conveniently "out of the office". I was forced to switch OBGYN's when Luke was 1 month old.
I later found out that she has a history of neglecting her patients and has been in 3 civil lawsuits that we know of.

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