Thursday, June 7, 2007

Departure Day for the Mayo Clinic

Prior to departure yesterday for the Mayo, Luke and Lulu were playing a game. It was funny. She finally caved in and gave Luke her necklace. Gotta keep the peace before the long roadtrip.

This is Lulu. (my mom) Some call her Penny, some call her Hope, I call her mom, others call her chick. On this particular day...we shall call her "Prissy Pot". She so is!

Please note: Great eye pic of Luke. It's hard to catch his eyes from blinking!
Lulu giving Luke a kiss goodbye
She'll never admit this..but she posed with a slight tilt of her head.
Ok, this is the packing up part. It's probably a very good thing that 24 hours has gone before this blog post. Mainly because it's better to hold off writing any post due to stress. I was stressed out during this picture.
Right about this husband quoted the following: "we have too much stuff, we need to leave the stroller, I'll just carry Luke".
I'll blog about this in a minute.
See our Minivan from Enterprise! Isn't it beautiful! (*we were so excited)
Departure picture taken by Lulu. Fake smiles. (trust me....a total posed shot) Like anyone can smile while packing, departing, screaming at each other? No way. We opted to fake it for the blog pic.

See Luke's DVD player! He was jazzed.

Ok, the time of this picture is about 7pm. We were getting tired already.
We brought toys. Luke wanted the ziploc bag from me.

Pitstop: Braums!
Braum's break. Luke was driving and Jonathan was eating Beef Jerky. (note: beef jerky is the greatest road trip food!)
It appears that we are just vegging out. But, in child just got laxed and was constipated. He needed to poop. He does much better in this position. (TMI)

P2P Girls: You know the gig - feeding bag on the go for Luke's button.

Yes, the yellow bus had to come with us.
Be back!

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