Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Day 3 observation amazing

Ok, can you say "STROLLER BOY" sitting up BIG and TALL.

In the past, Luke has been able to sit up for a brief period in his stroller and then after 2-3 minutes (literally), he would fall back. All day on Monday, he sat back in his stroller as we walked to and from the Mayo Clinic.

Today: We set out for breakfast and a walk. From the minute we put him in his stoller he was able to sit up and KEEP THAT POSITION with us pushing him and turning him. (this is amazing) Typically, if we strollered off while he was in sitting mode...he would fall back. He's never been able to maintain a 'balanced' sitting position in walking mode. EVER.

So...By God's grace in inventing this this! *turn your volume can get a glimpse of us desperately trying to act normal for the camera. he! Hugs

Other exciting stuff:
1. No secretion issues....Praise God!
2. A increase in motility...meaning, no problems with constipation! Yipppeeee. (trust clock work..we get ready to leave the room and then a huge smell comes over us.....back to room, fix the problem...then back out the room! he,he
3. Verbal talking. Dah,dah....bah bah, and yah, yah (our therapists will freak!)
4. Playing with toys aggressively! I'm talking throwing across the room. (so funny)
Ok..that's it. thanks for joining us again today.
Love you!
be back

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