Monday, June 11, 2007

Mayo Registration

Hey loved ones, top of the morning to you! All I'm going to say is thank God for Jonathan's Hilton points. We've got 2 nights here free of charge and can you say "major comfy beds". Wowsa. We all 3 slept soooo good. Woke up happy, chipper and little mister talked up a storm.

Luci loo got me this devotional daily reading book. Guess what my verse was today..?
2 Timothy 2:24
"The servant of the Lord gentle"
(Thx sister) Thought that was appropriate considering our road trip attitude coming up. Thank you Lord for that sweet reminder and help me have a gentle spirit when things are going the way I expect. I so need to work on that dear husband. (thanks for letting me vent blog family...know my heart is one of willingness) big smile. (by God's grace for sure)

OK: We strollered out of the hotel, down the street a few blocks and there is this huge atrium where all the Mayo building's connect. It's actually easier to walk down the street in fresh air than to take the sky bridge. So, that's a great thing for us as long as the weather is good. (pics later of this's very pretty)

We found the Starbucks right in the atrium across from the Ganda registration bldg. Convenient! Me/Luke hung out on the outside while Jon ran in to get us some coffee. Then, strollered to the registration desk (huge, huge area) and here's how it went. Waited in line 2 minutes, handed them my appt. card and she said "Ok..your all set". Wow? That easy? She said I took care of everything on the phone. I said "I did?"...and she said "yep, your set, see you on the 9th floor at 2:00pm". Oky doky then! Off we went back to the hotel to rest.

Me blogging and the men vegging out. We are waiting for our 1st appt. this afternoon.
Luke, bus and sister
View of our hotel room...yep..a clutter bug mess
Luke is watching his video. Jon figured it out! Jon reading and me blogging.
Be ya'll.

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