Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 2 observation of med

Ok, we walked to the Starbucks 2 blocks over. Definitely we can tell.
1. WIDE EYES---like..super expressive wide. That is huge!
2. HUGE TEMPER TANTRUM----I mean HUGE. Jonathan walked out with coffee, and Luke saw it and started banging his head back on the stroller really firm. It scared us and Jonathan had to get him out.
3. His scream! He screamed at the top of his lungs......it frightened us.
4. His cough. He coughed several times and we've NEVER heard a loud or aggressive cough come out of this kid.

We are back in the room and we are freaking out because we do notice the little stuff. Of course, we are worried it's just psychological because we are dissecting every sound, noise, move, you name it.

One more dose at 1:30pm.....I'll blog post that appt.

Oh ya'll......could it be our baby is being healed through meds? Oh Lord...could it be?

Crying now....gotta go.


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