Tuesday, May 1, 2007

17th/18th months (May, June)

Mother's Day....a special day. My little man is the brightest light and gift we've ever been given by God.

For Luke, he's always had way more strength in his LEGS and AB's versus his trunk strength. He could walk backwards in his walker, but could not lift his arms over his head. It was very confusing and made it very hard for us to discern what was going on. We caught him many times trying to use his feet and toes to pick things up.

see video below. Notice when he bangs against the wall and his head control. We really had to watch him.

We started 'taste' feeding Luke. I'm sold out therapy! Early intervention. Our son was 100% gtube fed from birth and because of intense Speech therapy 3x a week...he has ZERO oral aversion to food. We give thanks to God for sure!
At this point, only tasting puree'd food. He could not swallow.


NOTE: When it's hot....super lethargic. Here is a video below of how he would splash away and then just tire out. BEWARE of hot days. I have really noticed Luke choking on his secretions more because he could not tolerate the heat. Therefore making him more tired to swallow.

We constantly had to midst him down and keep him in water outside.

We had to have a special bath chair for Luke. Luke loved water....but aspiration was risky. He could not sit up in the tub...he would slip and fall and not be able to pick himself up with his arm strength. (very dangerous)----we would never even turn out heads away while he was in the tub.

Starting to wear AFO's. Although.....he really didn't need them. He never even remotely stood up.

PERFECT example of my son. He would sit up desperately trying to reach toys and just collapse at the chair. You can see where he is actually looking at me with his eyes. He was too tired to turn his head.