Friday, April 25, 2008

Painful but necessary PT sessions..

Hey fam, a long overdue update on Luke. We had PT this am and boy..what an emotional drain on the momma. It's so hard watching your child cry and cry...knowing it's the best for him.

Uggh! I hate it.

At any rate, what you are about to watch is a session therapy GONE GOOD! It took a few crying tantrums...but he eventually got over it and realized..."momma ain't saving me".

The contraption you are about to see Luke in is called a Gait Trainer. It's to help him learn to WALK. In the past, he's hated this thing. But, now..he has no choice. He's about to be forced into it daily---every morning to be exact for 30 minutes. Jonathan and I are really cracking down and not allowing his tantrums to override our desires for him.

I want my baby to a diaper..with cowboy boots on. Is that so selfish? LOL.

Seriously---we know he can do it..we just need to crack down and be disciplined about his will.

Enjoy---or hold your ears. Whatever the case. Hugs, A (more to come)

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Mayo clinic call

Hi, so excited. Real quick. Just got off the phone w/our pediatric neurologist at the MAYO clinic. She was thrilled to hear about the new baby. She said that there is no need for an amnio. She said they can test the baby's blood at birth and have the results for CMS back in 1 week.

She said that if the baby has CMS that it will be very apparent at birth. Even if I didn't have gestation diabetes this time, this new baby will present the symptoms of global hypotonia, etc.

And...they can give mestinon AT BIRTH and it works amazingly. Meaning blog family, if by God's grace all is well and the baby presents CMS...we can bypass a TUBE! SURGERY! EVERYTHING. I may even be able to breastfeed with mestinon.

I want to cry. It's the most hopeful news ever. I love Dr. Selcen at the Mayo Clinic so much. She's from Turkey and she's so kind, so attentive and loves our little Luke. She's just so encouraging. And you know why?!! Because this lady sees it all!! She and Dr. Engel smiled at us when I asked about having Grandkids with Luke. They both looked at me and smiled and then proceeded to tell us about other patients like Luke that do great.

I say this with humbleness...God's grace. His Grace shows up mysteriously in many ways.

Love you again blog fam,

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Luke's school meeting for his 3year...

busy day. I had a meeting with the school district for Luke. He's transitioning from the Early Childhood intervention program (a state funded program that provided home care for OT, PT , dietician services, etc) when he turns 3.

I was so amazed and relieved to hear that because we live in a smaller district that Luke will be so taken care of when he turns 3. We will meet with about 10 people (not kidding) in August and work out a school program for him that will customize to his needs. Some of it may be homebound care but the great news is that the state takes care of all the funding!!

I'm so excited for Luke. More to come on that front.

In reference to me, well, pregnancy clothes are out and the below picture is affirmation that I probably should not wear my hair like this ever again. Note: no makeup. Probably not the best decision for the day.

My concern: THE BELLY BLOAT IS COMING ON STRONG. I'm terrified at how big I'm going to get. It's only 7.5 weeks and I look 3mths pregnant! Very worrisome.

I look hideous today. I made Jonathan take the picture and it's not a great angle.



Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update on #2...yes, it's true


well, got a prayer request. Got another little secret brewing that a few people have guessed. ('s BFF)

Longstory short, got an appt. next Tues.

why? wanna guess?

Here's some hints:
1) I can't drink more than 1 cup of coffee per day (utterly painful)
2) I have to scale back on sweets
3) have to pee a lot (God I hate this part)
4) Luke pats my tummy (strange?)
5) Jonathan's in denial until these past few days
6) I'm nervous
7) small family(some don't know yet) stunned and quiet :)
8) my friends are like "wow".
9) I'm fat.
10) I know, not planned again. Are they ever planned in my family. Not.

At any rate, the big appt. is next Tuesday to see if there is a formation and good signs that all is ok. Just need prayer for whatever we hear. Period.

Sorry blog fam to be vague. But, just want to get next Tues. over with.

Hugs and I'll post exactly my thoughts after Tues. In the meantime..pray for God. His will and timing.

Hugs again..miss you blog fam. I'll stalk you more often. Things are getting more normal after the big roadie trip.