Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Treatment for CMS

There are various gene defects for CMS. I have been privileged to have the Internet and speak with many CMS folks that have various gene defects different from Luke's.

It's key to note that one gene defect may not respond well to a medication that another gene defect will respond greatly too. In fact, sometimes it can be quite dangerous if you start treatment without really knowing exactly what gene defect your dealing with. My advice...GO TO THE MAYO CLINIC and get tested before approving any treatment. Or..have your blood sample sent to the Mayo under your primary local neurologist. All information here is just a glimpse of what some medications our CMS friends are responding well too.

Rapsyn Gene defect - Medication "Mestinon" and sometimes "3,4 DAP"
Dok-7 defects - Albuterol and/or Ephedrine

Again, there are a few other gene defects and some are not responsive to medication. It's so hard to know until you really seek professional help from the Mayo Clinic and/or your local Neurologist.

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