Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow day and recovering

Well, Lukester is feeling better. He has not coughed as much today and I totally give God the praise. Thank you for praying. We need a few more days of ABX in Hannah bow and I pray she feels better. Man...this has been 4 weeks of ****!

That said, todays' theme is "Squirrel in the snow". Luke said this about a cajillion times! LOL.

We bundled him up right outside the door while he played in the snow. Inside/outside fashionable wrapped in blankets. :)

I call these pictures "Snow Globe".

P.S. Pray for Hannah bow please......

Monday, January 10, 2011

Me and the babes! (Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome)

I was blessed with the Shuffields coming in town! We had the most amazing time ever! Here's a sneak peek of Tisha's pics! I love finally having pictures of me and the kids!!

This is one of many that I adore. I'm currently blowing up now and printing wraps for the walls next week. Can't wait to get them in.

Thank you Shuffields..I'm in love with them!!! LOVE YOU!!

Luke's recital

Over the last 2 weeks Luke has recited "Twas the night before Christmas" to me. It's the first page of the book we read and it's sooo cute. I've desperately tried to get this on video and in our failed attempt to get it all this video totally cracked me up.

I call this video "NOOO, NOOOO, NOOOO...THANK YOU".

Goal for 2011.

Time of day: 3pm.
Shirt of choice: His jammy top from the night before.
Shoes: His monkey house shoes.
Temperature outside: Have no clue.
Age of kid: 5
Where is his sister? No clue.
The million dollar question: What do I look like? No comment.
Judgement: go ahead...I'm numb and exhausted...hey, at least I'm the historian here.

Goals for 2011: Be a better mom. LOL! (enough said)

Luke's first official Christmas present!

Luke gets it this year. It's amazing, awesome and more awesome. We are thrilled.

That said, Luke struggles with 'new' things. In the last several months, He will embrace a 'new' thing if we give it to him for a moment. But then, he'll start freaking out and say BYE, BYE _____(insert item here) and then proceed to throw it across the room and run, hit, knock things over, etc. It's very frustrating for us as a family as we truly want to see his excitement and we **know** that he's excited. He just gets overwhelmed with the transition of having a new item. Does this make sense?

So, our new Christmas game plan. Dispatch "Mindy". Our speech therapist. She's amazing. She's attentive, gifted and truly **cares** about the well being of our child with the 'little' things. She goes out of her way to help us as parents. It's a blessing from God. I give Him the glory as I truly realize after today how much the little things mean to our family.

So, this video is your Christmas present Mindy. I did not give my therapists anything this year. Why? I honestly did not think about it until just now. Wow. Bad mommy. At any rate, I hope this blesses your Christmas holiday.

**If you are going to watch this video, you must watch it until the very end. It's soo key to see the end result. And yes...HE KEPT calm after the video stopped rolling. We are so excited!! Love you Mindy and thank you for **caring** about our dinky little dysfunctional family.


House is spotless. All things are in place. Christmas lights are on. Food is bought. Presents are wrapped and most importantly...Laundry is done! YES..it's true. AND THE DISHES! :)

A very happy momma.

We are slowly feeling better from our sickness and by God's grace and mercy...we will all be well on Christmas day! THANK YOU JESUS.

Thank you Lord.

So...behold, my sibling piano video.

I call this video "Pester piano Hannah". She loves to pester brother and stick her index finger in his face at all times. It's hilarious. Notice Luke desperately trying to control himself from freaking out on her. LOL!

Love you blog family...May your Christmas be blessed.

Luke's OT therapy

Because I've been a slacker blogger, I'm trying to catch up to some fun events that happened over these last few months.

One in particular is Luke's progress in PT. (physical therapy). It's been amazing to watch and we are so thankful for his therapists. We are in awe of what they can get Luke to do! it's really pretty awesome.

That said, here is a glimpse of his hard work. He's our love bug. We are desperately in love with him and his accomplishments. I guess mainly because we think "wow..it's a miracle". Everytime.

Behold..Lukester! I call this video "Mountain furniture..and Luke".