Monday, January 10, 2011

Luke's first official Christmas present!

Luke gets it this year. It's amazing, awesome and more awesome. We are thrilled.

That said, Luke struggles with 'new' things. In the last several months, He will embrace a 'new' thing if we give it to him for a moment. But then, he'll start freaking out and say BYE, BYE _____(insert item here) and then proceed to throw it across the room and run, hit, knock things over, etc. It's very frustrating for us as a family as we truly want to see his excitement and we **know** that he's excited. He just gets overwhelmed with the transition of having a new item. Does this make sense?

So, our new Christmas game plan. Dispatch "Mindy". Our speech therapist. She's amazing. She's attentive, gifted and truly **cares** about the well being of our child with the 'little' things. She goes out of her way to help us as parents. It's a blessing from God. I give Him the glory as I truly realize after today how much the little things mean to our family.

So, this video is your Christmas present Mindy. I did not give my therapists anything this year. Why? I honestly did not think about it until just now. Wow. Bad mommy. At any rate, I hope this blesses your Christmas holiday.

**If you are going to watch this video, you must watch it until the very end. It's soo key to see the end result. And yes...HE KEPT calm after the video stopped rolling. We are so excited!! Love you Mindy and thank you for **caring** about our dinky little dysfunctional family.