Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our first piano recital!

Piano Recital! Many of you know that Luke and Hannah are in piano lessons. Luke/I have been in piano lessons for quite awhile and we decided to go ahead and put Hannah in the lesson mix on Thursdays. My children are so bright!!!

Luke did amazing!! His piano teacher said "Luke may very well end up just being that amazing performer when there is an audience". We were in awe. He will fight us playing goody goody stop stop during practice. it's maddening at times. But then when there is an audience my child plays goody goody stop stop all across the key board!!! LOL! it was amazing!

Hannah bow "Bowed" and played one note. ADORABLE. I actually played a little rendition of popcorn and peanuts and I don't have this on video. (sorry) But, my teacher said I played flawlessly. Like son Like daughter Like momma. LOL! They were amazing!

If you turn up your volume you will quietly hear Luke playing. It's precious! Love you!! Until next time..Practice, Practice!! :)

I call these pictures "Piano cuteness".

I call the video "Piano perfection via Luke".

note: They bow before and after. :) Adorable!