Saturday, June 4, 2011

Luke's Preschool graduation!

It's here my bloggies. Big boy is heading to Kinder! Can you believe it?

I showed up the last day and took Hannah bow with us! OMEEEGRACIOUSNESS. This child loved it!! Can you say Hannah bow Pre-K! She will love it.

Luke was so excited to see me and said "Momma, sit on the rug" as he patted the rug next to him. I immediately walked over there and he got in my lap!! So precious! I so loved it.

Ms. Bird (Luke's teacher) gave him a book and hugged him and said her goodbye's as he's heading to Kinder to a whole new teacher/classroom. Really made me sad!! He's been there since he was 3. :((((

So, off to big boy school we go next year. Here are some pictures my nurse/attendant took of us that day. I want to point out...I looked amazing. :)

Here you go! Love you! I call these pictures "Goodbye Pre-K".

Please note: Hannah bow crawled over and sat on the rug with all the other kids. She sat right in front of this little hispanic boy and would not leave. She just sat right in front of him (away from the focal point where the teacher and kids were looking) and awkwardly stared at him the entire time. It was hilarious. Poor kid! She definitely made it obvious he was special in some way. All the kids were staring at them both. LOL!! Way to go Hannah bow...the uncomfortable awkwardness with people will get better as you grow older. Just like her MOMMA!! LOL!!

The Hannah bow stare down below. LOL!! THE ENTIRE TIME PEOPLE!! LOL!!
Another view of the Hannah bow stare down...look closely below.

Below Luke is dancing during the song. His teacher has told me he has always done this from day one. He dances round and round while the other kids just stand there on there little color squares assigned to them. My son however....dances around. Yes, we strive for normalcy...but I gotta tell you...I'm ok with Luke dancing. God is good...period.


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