Monday, February 14, 2011

Kiss da momma!

Ok...This is truly a video that is heart melting. My baby kissed da momma on the lips for the first time in his life!! At 5 years old Luke decided to take my face, angle it right at him and KISS ME and MAKE THE "MMMMMMMWUA"> Sound with it!!!! LOL!!

I was sitting there and all the sudden he came up, grabbed my face and intentionally kissed me on the mouth. It was adorable. I about died! After he got the reaction from me I immediately said " gotta get this on video" and threw her my phone literally! Hence why the sideways view. Dang those iphones!

The funny thing about this day is that he did it over and over. And, he even tried to stick his tongue in my mouth!! LOL. I kept my mouth shut tight on those! LOL. But, after the day was over...all DONE. The next day I said "Luke..give momma a kiss". He ran. So funny!!!!

So, I had my day of glory. Loved it. Love my baby boy. I call this video "MMMMWUA" in Luke's sweet voice.